District of Columbia Motorist With Traffic Ticket in New York

This article contains information for a District of Columbia motorist that received a traffic ticket in New York. The page discusses the ramifications in the District of Columbia and New York. For specific information regarding your ticket, it is prudent that you contact a traffic ticket attorney with the details.

Points in DC

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles website states clearly” Points are assessed on your driver record for both DC and non-DC moving violations” (emphasis added) . This means that the District of Columbia will treat any traffic violation received in another state as if it was received in the District of Columbia. For confirmation and more detailed information on how an out-of-state violation would impact your District of Columbia license, you would need to get in touch with a traffic ticket attorney that is licensed in the District of Columbia. For information on how to handle a traffic violation in New York, you need to contact a traffic ticket attorney that is licensed in New York State.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in New York

If you received a traffic ticket in New York State and have a District of Columbia driver’s license, it is probably prudent that you look into fighting the ticket. In New York State the defendant does not have to appear personally in court. Furthermore, there is no need to present the court with your excuse or defense. New York State law allows an attorney to go to court for their client and handle the defense in their place. This means you would not have to come back to New York to get your charges dismissed or modified. Your lawyer can figure out what works best for you, whether to challenge the charges on procedural grounds, present a defense, or utilize any available dismissal programs. For more detailed information, you should contact a law firm that practices New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

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