Virginia Motorist with Traffic Ticket in New York

This article contains information for motorists from the State of Virginia that received a traffic ticket in New York State. The page discusses the consequences in Virginia and New York.

Demerit Points in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is the state administrative agency tasked with all license-related issues in Virginia. Their website states:

Demerit points will also be assigned to your record for traffic convictions incurred in other states.

For confirmation and more detailed information on how an out-of-state violation would impact a Virginia license, one would need to contact a traffic ticket attorney that is licensed in Virginia. To dispute the ticket in New York, you need to contact a traffic attorney that is licensed in New York.

Failure to Comply in New York

Virginia is also a party to the Non-Resident Violator Compact. This agreement provides that if a motorist fails to comply with a traffic ticket in another state, either by not answering the ticket, not appearing in court, or not paying a fine, the home state may suspend their driver’s license. Once the home state orders suspension, it will be cleared once they receive paperwork from the sister state confirming that the ticket was answered or handled.

Increased Insurance Rates

Another concern for a Virginia motorist with a traffic ticket are insurance rates. If your insurance company becomes aware of a serious traffic violation they will raise your insurance rates. Your insurance company does not look at points or in which jurisdiction the violation occurred, but at the type of violation. Insurance companies raise their rates for moving violations.

Impact in New York

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) creates an internal driver license number for any motorist that receives a traffic ticket in New York State. This license number is utilized to calculate violations within 18 month intervals, requiring a driver responsibility assessment fee for reaching six points in 18 months and ordering suspension for reaching eleven points in 18 months. New York State cannot suspend a Virginia driver’s license, but they can suspend the New York State driving privileges of an out-of-state motorist. A Virginia motorist driving in New York with suspended New York privileges is in the same position as a New York motorist driving with a suspended license in New York. The Virginia motorist would be subject to arrest on the side of the road and criminal charges.

Disputing a Traffic Ticket in New York

Fighting a traffic ticket in court is typically an unpleasant experience. Often there is the long travel time and the many hours spent in court. Being in a courtroom is not fun. The judge and the prosecutor are not on your side. They are generally unfriendly, and do not expect that they will be sensitive to your situation or inclined to accept your version of events (even if true).

Disputing a traffic ticket in New York can be easy with a traffic ticket attorney involved. This is because the person that received the ticket does not need to appear personally in court. Nor does the defendant have to have an excuse or defense in order to get the charges reduced or dismissed. In New York, your attorney can go to court in your place and speak for you in court. This means you would not have to attend traffic court in New York to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Your attorney can figure out what works best for your case, whether to present the court with a valid defense, challenge the charges on procedural grounds, or utilize any diversion dismissal program that is available in the relevant jurisdiction. For more detailed information, it is best if you contact a New York law firm whose main practice area is Traffic Law.

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