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Bronx County is a county in New York State. Known locally as “The Bronx”, it is also one of the five boroughs (boros) of New York City. The Bronx is the most northern borough. Westchester County is to the north, Manhattan and the Hudson River are to the west, Queens is to the south, and the waters of the Long Island Sound from the eastern boundary. , the population was estimated to be 1,470,000.

Traffic Tickets in the Bronx

Three major highways are found in The Bronx. Interstate 95 (I-95) is the famous highway that runs along the eastern coast of the United States, between southern Florida and Maine. It crosses east-west through The Bronx, which serves as its conduit between New Jersey and Connecticut. In The Bronx, it is known as the Cross-Bronx Expressway. Another major highway is Interstate 87. It runs north-south between the US-Canada border near Montreal and its southern terminus in The Bronx. It is locally known as the Major Deegan Expressway. The third highway is the I-278. It branches off the I-78, an east-west highway that runs between central Pennsylvania and New York City. In The Bronx, the I-278 is known as the Bruckner Expressway.

The expressways in The Bronx are patrolled mostly by the NYPD Highway Police and sometimes the New York State Police. Most traffic stops conducted on the expressway are for speeding violations. Outside of New York City, the I-95, I-87, and I-78, have a default speed limit of 65 miles per hour. Through The Bronx, the speed limit will never exceed 50 mph. Motorists often fail to adjust to the reduced speed limit. The Bronx River Parkway, Henry Hudson Parkway (NYS-9A), and Hutchinson River Parkway (I-678) are also found in The Bronx. These parkways are for all practical purposes highways but also carry a maximum 50 mph speed limit. On the expressways and the parkways, a lot of speeding citations are issued to motorists that are clocked in the 70-80 mph range.

A high number of traffic stops are conducted on local streets as well. Here we see more varied violations being cited. Besides speeding, we see charges for cell phone violations, redlight violations, and improper turn violations. On local streets most tickets are issued by the relevant police officer of the local precinct that is assigned to traffic patrol.

If you received a traffic citation in The Bronx, you will have the option of pleading guilty and sending in the assigned fine amount. However, pleading guilty to traffic charges will likely give you points on your record, could cause your insurance rates to go up, and may result in loss of driving privileges. If you want to contest a ticket you will have to go to the Traffic Violations Bureau hearing location on East Fordham Road. You may want to consider retaining counsel to help with your ticket. There are two main advantages to having an attorney involved. Firstly, your attorney can go to court instead of you. Secondly, your attorney has a better shot at beating the charge.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a traffic ticket defense firm. We opened our firm in 2011 and since then have helped many motorists in The Bronx. At the hearing, our attorneys cross-examine the ticketing officer, try to find deficiencies in the officer’s case, and argue for dismissal. We have had success in obtaining a Dismissal or Not Guilty finding for many of our clients. Feel free to contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office to discuss your Bronx ticket. Consultations are free.

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