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Cattaraugus County, New York

Cattaraugus County, New York

Cattaraugus County is a county in the western region of New York State. It is a relatively large county, spanning one thousand, three hundred and twenty-two square miles. Population-wise, it is one of the smaller counties. Most of the county is forestland with farms found in the western side of the county. The southern county line is the New York-Pennsylvania border. The most northern part of the county is around thirty miles south of Buffalo. Cattaraugus County consists of thirty-two towns and two cities., the combined total was around 75,000.

Traffic Tickets in Cattaraugus County

Interstate 86 (The Southern Tier Expressway) runs east and west across the Southern Tier and Western New York regions. Its western terminus is just across the Pennsylvania border. Most traffic citations issued in Cattaraugus County originate from the I-86. The interstate is patrolled exclusively by the New York State Police. The majority of traffic stops are for speeding, where motorists are clocked in the 80-mph range or above.

The second busiest roadway in the county is US Route 219 (US-219). It is not a highway; for the most part it is just one lane in each direction. However it appears to be the only direct north-south route in western New York. The speed limit on the US-219 does not exceed 55 mph. Motorists clocked at 70 mph or above are typically stopped and cited. In addition, when the US-219 enters into downtown areas of towns and villages, the speed limit can drop to 25-30 mph. This turns into major speed traps for motorists not from that specific town.

For any traffic infraction in Cattaraugus County, it is prudent that you contact an attorney before you take action. Most traffic lawyers provide motorists with free consultations. The knowledge that you get from your consultation may make a big difference to your bottom line and a big difference in your driving privileges. Did you know you can get your ticket reduced or modified without appearing in court? Did you know that you do not even have to provide the court with a defense? Yes. your traffic lawyer can do this for you and can make any necessary court appearances in your place. Feel free to contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office PC for more information.

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