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Coventry, New York

Coventry, New York

Coventry is a town in Chenango County, New York. As of April of 2022, the town’s population was 1,610. The area is considered part of New York’s Southern Tier region. Coventry is named after a town in Connecticut. The town was first settled around 1785. In 1806 the town was formed. Coventry’s early economy was primarily based on dairy products. Several hamlets make up the town. They are known as Blackesley Corner, Coventry and Coventryville.

Traffic Tickets in Coventry, New York

Coventry’s main road is New York State Route 41 / New York State Route 206. It is an east-west bound highway that passes through the northern half of town. Several other large roads intersect with NYS-41/206, such as New York State Route 235, New York State Route 41, and County Route 9. NYS-235 serves the middle portion of town, running north-south. NYS-41 heads south-east towards North Afton. County Route 9 heads southwest.

The town speed limit is 55 miles per hour. This speed limit is enforced by the New York State Police and the Chenango County Sheriff’s Department. The State Troopers and Sheriff's issue tickets answerable to the Coventry Town Court. The court is located in the Coventry Town Hall building. Its physical location is in the neighboring town of Greene.The court usually handles speeding and other low level violation tickets. The speeding tickets often originate on the town’s arterial road, NYS-41/206. It is a long straight road with a high speed limit. Roads such as these see frequent traffic stops. Motorists tend to not realize how fast they are actually going and end up with a hefty ticket.

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The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

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Our firm offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee*. This means we will issue a full refund of your legal fee if we are unable to reduce the points added to your license as a result of the ticket.

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Information on the Coventry Justice Court

Address: 1839 State Highway 235, Greene, New York 13778
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (607) 875-4414
More Information: Court Website

Town Justice: Hon. Joseph Agunzo
Court Clerk: Terri Bickford