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Herkimer County, New York

Herkimer County, New York

Herkimer County is a county in upstate New York. It is somewhat oddly shaped as a vertical rectangle. There are around eighty miles of distance between the northern and southern ends. There are around twenty miles between the eastern and western ends. The northern part of the county is in the Adirondack Mountains and is considered part of the North Country region. It is mostly forestland that is uninhabited and inaccessible. The exception is the small communities located on or near NYS-28, which crosses east-west through the Adirondacks and Herkimer County. Most of the county residents live in the southern portion of the county. This area is known as the Mohawk Valley region. Crossing east to west is the Mohawk River and Erie Canal, which was the root and origin of a number of towns and cities. Running parallel to them is the New York State Thruway on the southern side and New York State Route 5 on the northern side.

The county was created in 1791 and named after Nicholas Herkimer, a Brigadier General in the American Revolutionary War. Herkimer County consists of nineteen towns and one city., its population was about 59,000.

Traffic Tickets in Herkimer County

Most traffic tickets issued in Herkimer County originate from Interstate 90 (New York State Thruway). The I-90 is the longest highway in the United States, running between the State of Washington in the west and Massachusetts in the east. It crosses the entire New York State as well. In New York, the speed limit does not exceed 65 miles per hour. However, the nature of a long flat wide highway gives rise to unintentional speeding. The New York State Police patrol the entire Thruway. In general, motorists clocked at 80 mph in a 65-mph zone run a high risk of being pulled over.

Of course, traffic stops are conducted on local roads as well. The busiest roads in Herkimer County are New York State Route 5 (NYS-5), New York State Route 8 (NYS-8), New York State Route 28 (NYS-28), and New York State Route 55 (NYS-55). Off the thruway, county sheriffs can issue traffic citations. In addition some cities, towns, and villages have their own small police departments. Any of these law enforcement agencies can conduct a traffic stop upon probable cause of a traffic violation.

If you received a citation in Herkimer County you will have the option of pleading Guilty or Not Guilty. Pleading Guilty means there will be fines. If it is a serious ticket or you have previous violations on your record, the fines and driver assessment fees combined can be in the many hundreds, perhaps thousands. Pleading Guilty may mean points on your license (whether New York or any other state) and increased insurance rates. A serious ticket can also mean suspension of your license or suspension of your privileges to drive in New York State.

The good news is that there are options besides pleading Guilty. Your attorney can file the Not Guilty plea on your behalf and make any necessary court appearances on your behalf. You will not have to appear in court or even present a defense. A good traffic lawyer can take care of this for you. At the end of the day you should obtain a dramatic reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office can help with traffic related charges in Herkimer County. Feel free to contact us to discuss your case. Our firm offers free consultations to motorists and their relatives. We will review your ticket(s) and go over your options. If the ticket is not serious enough to warrant fighting then we will tell you. Our legal fee is always a one-time flat fee, and we make sure the entire process is transparent for our clients.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office PC was established in 2011. At the time of its formation, the goal was to help motorists who would otherwise get their license suspended and end up paying exorbitant insurance rates due to their traffic tickets. Since 2011, the attorneys at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office have helped many motorists in all kinds of circumstances. Our experience, diligence, and zealousness mean you can be assured we will obtain the best possible disposition.

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