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Utica, New York

Utica is a city in Oneida County, New York. It is part of the Mohawk Valley and Central New York regions. The city is located near the southern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, approximately ninety-five miles northwest of Albany., the city was home to approximately 64,000 residents, making it the 10th most populated city in New York.

Utica was first incorporated as a village in 1798. In 1832, it obtained its status as a city. The origin of the city’s name is not certain. The most accepted theory is that the name was randomly picked from a hat in Bagg’s Tavern, an inn that was nearby. The city is home to numerous historical sites such as the Stanley Theater. Utica was nicknamed “Sin City” in the 1950’s due to severe corruption in the local government.

Traffic Tickets in Utica

The Utica City Court is responsible for dealing with all of the city’s legal matters. This includes adjudicating all of its traffic tickets. The court’s jurisdiction covers the local roads and several highways. The busiest highway is Interstate 90 (New York State Thruway). A significant chunk of I-90 runs east and west through the northern part of the city. I-790 is another highway in Utica. It branches off I-90 at a large interchange and heads north and south-southwest through the downtown area. The highways are patrolled exclusively by the New York State Police. Speeding violations are often issued on the highways. The speed limit on I-90 fluctuates between 65 and 55 miles per hour. Despite the high speed, motorists still tend to drive much faster and often end up with a ticket.

The city roads are patrolled by the Utica Police Department. Occasionally, the police receive backup from the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. A wide range of violations are issued on the city streets. Some of the most common include texting while driving, disobeying a traffic control device, rolling through a stop sign, failing to yield to pedestrians, driving with a suspended license and driving with an obstructed view. Many parking violations are issued as well. The city’s main road is New York State Route 55 (Oriskany Street). It runs east and west through downtown Utica and provides access to I-790 and consequently, I-90. Genesee Street is another main road. It runs north-east and south-west. It intersects with NY-55 just east of I-790.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

If you were issued a ticket in Utica, the Benjamin Goldman Law Office can help. We are a boutique law firm that helps ticketed motorists in Oneida County. Our firm has been in operation for over twelve years. During this time, our attorneys have familiarized themselves with New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law. We know all the court procedures involved with adjudicating tickets. The team at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office is confident we can help you in a meaningful way. We are currently accepting new clients in Utica. If you are considering legal representation for your ticket, feel free to contact us.

Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee*

Our firm offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee*. This means we will issue a full refund of your legal fee if we are unable to reduce the points added to your license as a result of the ticket.

*Traffic tickets only. Does not apply to misdemeanors and felonies.

Information on the Utica City Court

Address: 411 Oriskany Street West, Utica, New York 13502
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (315) 266-4600
Fax: (315) 266-4755
More Information: Court Website

City Judges:
Hon. Chistopher Giruzzi
Hon. Ralph J Eannace
Hon. Joseph A. Saba Jr.

Court Clerk:
Joseph A. Saba Jr.

Oneida County District Attorney’s Office