Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1101 “Required Obedience to Traffic Laws”

The exact wording is as follows:

1101. Required obedience to traffic laws. It is unlawful and, unless
otherwise declared in this title with respect to particular offenses, it
is a traffic infraction for any person to do any act forbidden or fail
to perform any act required in this title.

This is a very strange section of the law and is rarely charged. The position of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is that this “definitional in nature -- that is, it describes what constitutes a violation of the rules of the road but is not in and of itself a violation of those rules.” See Opinion of Counsel #1-2010.

The DMV does not record this “violation” on a driving record and does not associate any points to this charge. The position of the DMV is that this is not appropriate for a police officer to issue a ticket for this violation or for a court to reduce an offense to this violation. Nevertheless these do pop every once in a while. If you received a ticket charging this violation it is not worth fighting it as it is for all practical purposes a parking ticket. It does not have points and does not go on a driving record. If the prosecutor offers to reduce a speeding ticket or another violation to VTL 1101 it is a good deal and you should probably take it. Yonkers City Court is one such court that still uses this a plea offer to ticket with points.

Sometimes this gets confused with VTL 1110a – “Disobeying a Traffic Control Device. This is a violation that is often ticketed by police officers and likewise is often a plea offer from a prosecutor. This violation appears on your driving record and carries two points. Therefore it is something you should consider fighting if possible.

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