VTL 512. Operation While Registration or Privilege is Suspended or Revoked.

This type of traffic ticket is issued infrequently but if you were charged with VTL 512 you must take it very seriously. It is a criminal charge. Going to jail for this is almost impossible, but a plea or a conviction to this offense will result in a permanent criminal record. Nobody wants a criminal record.

In the vast majority of cases, the suspended registration originates from an insurance lapse. At the time you were stopped you may have been back insured again but that does not matter because the registration can still be suspended. If you were uninsured at the time of the stop this is a bigger problem. Although not a criminal charge, a conviction of driving without insurance results in mandatory revocation and fines and fees of thousands.

When charged with VTL 512, it is prudent that you retain a law firm with extensive experience in “auto crimes”. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is one such firm and Benjamin will be glad to talk to you about your case. Depending on the court, it is possible that we can even go to court instead of you to resolve this case. Feel free to reach out to discuss further.

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