Speeding & Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Barker, NY

Barker, New York

Barker is a town in Broome County, New York, north of the city of Binghamton. To the east of Barker, is Chenango County. Barker is a small town but has a busy Justice Court due to the confluence of some important highways within its jurisdiction. The physical location of the court is in the Town of Whitney Point and the mailing address of the court is in the Hamlet of Castle Creek.

Speeding Ticket in Barker

The main highway through Barker is the north-south running Interstate 81 (I-81). This highway is patrolled by the New York State Police. Motorists are often stopped for speeding significantly above the 65 mph speed limit. The local highways are U.S. Route 11 (US 11), and New York State Route 79 (NY 79).

If you received a traffic ticket that is answerable to the Barker Town Court you may want to reach out to the Benjamin Goldman Law Office. You will chat with someone with experience in Vehicle and Traffic Law. Our consultations are just that and you will not be pressured to retain our firm. If it does not make sense under your circumstances to retain counsel, then we will tell you as much.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a traffic ticket defense firm mainly based out of Monticello, New York. We handle tickets throughout the Southern Tier region, including Broome County and specifically in Barker.

The major expense of a traffic ticket is the increases of insurance premiums from the violation going onto your record. This is in addition to the expensive fines and fees associated with speeding tickets in New York State.

Therefore our firm’s priority the elimination of DMV points and we have a few methods of achieving that goal, depending on the specific facts of your case and driving history. Please contact us by phone or email to find out more.

Information on the Town of Barker Justice Court

Physical Address: 151 Hyde Street, Whitney Point, New York 13862
Mailing Address: PO Box 66, Castle Creek, New York 13744
Location: Google Maps
Phone: 607-648-6961
Fax: 607-648-7499
Email: barkertowncourt@nycourts.gov

Hon. Edward A. Beecher
Hon. Alfonso Ortega

Clerk: Ms. Brooke B. Dean

Prosecutor: Broome County District Attorney’s Office