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Broome County, New York

Broome County, New York

Broome County is a county in the south-central area of New York State. The number of residents in the county are a little less than two hundred thousand. Binghamton is the main city in the county and the entire county is considered part of the Binghamton Metropolitan area. Broome County is in the Southern Tier region of New York State. The county’s southern border forms the New York- Pennsylvania state line., the county population was approximately 196,239.

Traffic Tickets in Broome County

A number of major highways go through Broome County due to the county’s central positioning in New York State. The I-86/NYS-17 traverse the southern portion of the county. It is intersected in Binghamton by the north-south I-81 coming up from Pennsylvania on its way to the Canadian border. The I-88 starts in Binghamton on a north-east slant towards Albany.

Tickets for traffic violations issued in the county are not decided in a centralized county court. Rather they are adjudicated in the county’s various city and justice courts. Wherever you stand in the county you are also in the jurisdiction of a city, town, or village. The exact spot of the alleged traffic violation will determine which city, town, or village court is assigned to your case. Often the small and rural town will have a very busy justice court. This happens when a relevant portion of the highway is a speed trap and just happens to be within the boundary of a nearby town.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

There are a different ways of handling traffic tickets in New York. Different jurisdictions have different policies, procedures, and rules. The approach that is utilized to defend the ticket will, in all likelihood, determine whether the charge will get dismissed entirely or the defendant will end up with a disadvantageous plea offer.

This is where the Benjamin Goldman Law Office comes in. We are a traffic ticket defense firm. Our practice area is almost exclusively Vehicle & Traffic Law. We are familiar with all the methods that can be utilized to defend traffic charges.

Retaining the Benjamin Goldman Law Office for your ticket means you are in good hands. You also will not have to appear of file anything with the court. Our attorneys will go to court in your place for any necessary court appearances. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss your ticket, your situation, and what kind of services we offer.

List of Justice Courts in Broome County, New York

Below is a list of all the Justice Courts we service in Broome County.