Benjamin Goldman Law Office received its 100th 5-star review. In other news, don’t trust Google reviews.

All our office’s reviews are “Real and Spectacular”. We get these reviews because we do a good job and clients are happy to leave us reviews. Having said that, consumers need to be careful and should take google reviews with a grain of salt. This applies to law offices and all the more so regular consumer stores. An attorney can lose their license with fake reviews and most attorneys will do things the kosher way, but this has not stopped some attorneys.

It appears to be very easy to fake Google reviews. All you need to post a review is a Gmail account. It appears that one can create an endless amount of Gmail accounts and hence can create endless number of fake reviews. Google is the only entity that knows to some definitive extent which reviews are fake, but it looks Google continues to allow all reviews through.

If you are not Google, there are still a number of different ways to sniff out fake reviews.
1. Check out the reviewers. If most reviewers have 0 or 1 other review of another entity and have no profile picture, there’s your clue that is just an email address.
2. Check the time span between each review. If the reviews come in on a consistent basis, say for example 1 review every 3 days, there your clue that it may be fake.
3. Check the history. If company opened 5 years ago and a disproportionate number of reviews are bunched together in one time-spam, there’s your clue that they hired some hack SEO entity for a month to churn our fake reviews. Often companies will create a lot of fake five-star reviews subsequent to one bad review in order to “drown out” the bad review. Look at the chronological history of the reviews.
4. If company has much more reviews that its equal competitor that may be more of a bad sign than a good sign.

Short story is you need more than Google reviews to make an informed decision except with regard to the Benjamin Goldman Law Office!

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