Speeding & Traffic Ticket Lawyer at the Colchester, NY Court

Colchester (Roscoe), New York

Colchester is a town in southwest region of Delaware County, bordering Sullivan County. The town population is around 2,000. The town covers approximately one hundred and forty two square miles. The township was established in 1792 and named after Colchester, Connecticut. There are eight hamlets in Colchester. They are named Butternut Grove, Crooks Falls, Corbett, Downsville, Little Spring Brook, Gregorytown, Horton and Shinhoppie.

Traffic Tickets in Colchester (Roscoe), New York

The court situation in Colchester is somewhat confusing. There are two courts named the "Colchester Town Court". One court is in the hamlet of Downsville and the other is in the Town of Rockland - specifically, the Hamlet of Roscoe. This page is dedicated to the Colchester Town Court in Roscoe. To make matters more confusing, there is a third court to mention : The Rockland Town Court, which is also located in Roscoe. Both courts are within walking distance of each other.

The Colchester Town Court in Roscoe has jurisdiction over all traffic offenses committed within the Town of Colchester. Most are for speeding on Route 17. The Court also sees violations that originate from New York State Route 206 and New York State Route 30. If you received a traffic ticket requiring an appearance in the Colchester Town Court in Roscoe, our traffic ticket defense law firm can help you.

Some traffic stops are conducted on the local town and village roads. The main roads include State Route 21, State Route 371, State Route 415 (North Dansville Road/Maple Street), and County Route 121 (Look Lake Road). For the most part, the local Colchester Police Department patrol the local roads.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a law firm located in Monticello, New York, around 30 minutes away from the Colchester Town Court in Roscoe. Our law firm is devoted to representing motorists throughout Sullivan and Delaware counties with traffic violations. We vigorously fight to get the best possible disposition for our clients. Our attorneys strive to get traffic tickets dismissed, obtain the most advantageous plea deal, and win at trial if necessary. You would not have to appear in court at all. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your Colchester traffic ticket.

Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee*

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office has a verified history of successfully handling Colchester moving violations. We are convinced that motorists with Colchester traffic tickets will be satisfied with the results our firm obtains on their behalf. This is why the Benjamin Goldman Law Office offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee* for Colchester traffic tickets. This means we refund the entire legal fee paid to us if we are unable to at least reduce some of the points.

*Traffic tickets only. Does not apply to misdemeanors and felonies.

Information on the Colchester Justice Court

Address: 20246 Old State Route 17, Roscoe, New York 12776
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (607) 498-5774
Fax: (607) 498-5778
More Information: Town Website

Town Justice: Cindy S. Conrow
Court Clerk: Deborah L. Melvin
Town Prosecutor: Shawn Smith, Esq.