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Delaware County, New York

Delaware County, New York

Not to be confused with Town of Delaware, in Sullivan County.

Delaware County is a county located in the Southern Tier region of New York State. It is named after the Delaware River, which forms the southwestern border between the county and Pennsylvania. A large portion of Delaware County is in the Catskill Mountains. The county is mostly rural, and its closest cities are Albany and Binghamton, located in neighboring counties. , the population of Delaware County was approximately 44,500.

Traffic Tickets in Delaware County

New York State Route 17 is part of an interstate highway that runs through the southwestern corner of the county. Route 17 continues into Sullivan County to the east and Broome County to the west. In each of these counties, the Route 17 speed limit is, for the most part, 65 miles per hour. However, through Delaware County, the NYS-17 speed limit maxes out at 55 mph. Motorists traveling through the county often fail to adjust and are issued speeding tickets usually answerable to one of the Colchester Town Courts or Hancock Town Court. Another highway is Interstate 88, which runs through the northwestern portion of the county. Motorists exceeding the 65-mph speed limit are stopped and cited with a ticket answerable to Sidney Town Court.

There are several busy two-lane state highways in Delaware County. The speed limit on these roads switches back and forth depending on whether the road is going through a more rural or more settled area. The busy state routes are NYS-30, NYS-28, NYS-10, NYS-206, NYS-357, and NYS-8. Traffic stops in Delaware County can be conducted by Troop C of the New York State Police, Delaware County Sheriff's Office, or the relevant local police department.

If you were passing through Delaware County, and received a traffic ticket, you may want to think twice before sending in a guilty plea to the court. Even if you send in an explanation with your guilty plea, this does not really help. The judge does not add or take away points, it is automatic from the DMV once a conviction is entered. A judge also cannot void any driver assessment fees or surcharges. A judge has discretion to lower the fine but even the minimum fine can be costly.

A traffic conviction will ultimately result in fines, fees, and increased insurance rates. If you’re from out of state, in all likelihood, the conviction will transfer to your home state. Pleading Not Guilty gives you the opportunity to get the charges reduced or dismissed. An attorney can take care of all for you, including filing the Not Guilty for you and appearing in court in your place, as necessary.

Before you take action with regards to your traffic citation, it is prudent to contact a local traffic ticket lawyer. It can be the difference between having points on your license versus a clean driving record and the difference between the accumulative costs of thousands versus paying a couple hundred dollars. The attorneys at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office can discuss your options.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office P.C. is a traffic ticket defense firm. We opened our doors in neighboring Sullivan County in 2011. Since then, we have assisted many hundreds of motorists with traffic related charges in Delaware County. Our firm has handled traffic tickets in every court in the county. We are typically able to obtain substantial reductions on behalf of our clients. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office welcomes new clients. Feel free to reach out any time.

List of Justice Courts in Delaware County, New York

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