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Croton-On-Hudson, New York

Croton-On-Hudson is a village in Westchester County, New York. It is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River, approximately forty miles north of Manhattan. The village is within the town of Cortlandt. Croton-On-Hudson covers roughly eleven square miles had an estimated population of 8,400 ().

The area was first settled by Dutch migrants in 1645. The village’s growth was attributed to many nearby construction projects, such as the Croton Dam, the New Croton Dam, and the Croton Aqueduct. These were built to supply New York City with fresh water. By the 1800’s, many Irish, German and Italian immigrants moved to the area. Further village development occurred through the mid to late 1800’s due to the expansion of the New York Central Railroad. The village was also the location of a service facility for the railroad.

Traffic Tickets in Croton-On-Hudson

The Village of Croton-on-Hudson employs their own police department. Officers patrol the village roads to ensure driver and civilian safety. The speed limit on village roads, unless otherwise posted, does not exceed 30 mph. The village’s arterial road, New York State Route 129 (Maple Street), enters from the north-east and heads southwest until it meets with US-9. It terminates as it provides access to the highway. Citations issued by this department are answerable to the Croton-on-Hudson Justice Court.

The village court handles a wide variety of traffic violations; however, they mostly adjudicate speeding tickets. This is in part due to the nearby highway, US-Route 9. US-Route 9 is a large four lane highway, two lanes in each direction. It runs along the western town line, parallel with the Hudson River. Its speed limit is 55 mph. Several portions are laid flat and straight. The several instances of straight laid road commonly result in unintentional speeding. It is said that motorists have been pulled over for going just ten miles per hour over the speed limit. In addition to the local police force, the New York State Police can conduct traffic stops as well.

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Information on the Croton-On-Hudson Justice Court

Address: 1 Van Wyck Street, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (914) 271-6266
Fax: (914) 271-2021
More Information: Court Webpage

Village Justices:
Hon. Sam R. Watkins Jr.
Hon. Joseph H. Green

Court Clerk:
Lisa Teichman