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Leyden, New York

Leyden is a town in Lewis County, New York. It is on the western side of the Adirondack Mountains and covers approximately thirty-three and a half square miles. The closest city is Rome, around 30 miles south. As of April of 2022, Leyden’s population was 1,785. The town was formed in 1797 and named after Leiden, a city in the Netherlands. Leyden encompasses one village known as Port Leyden and two hamlets. The hamlets are Locust Grove and Talcottville.

Traffic Tickets in Leyden, New York

There are two courts in Leyden. One is for the town and the other is for the village. They share the same physical location and court staff, but conduct court on different days of the week. The courts handle legal matters of their respective jurisdictions. This includes traffic tickets. The village court will only adjudicate tickets for violations that are alleged to have been committed inside the village. The town court adjudicates tickets for violations that are alleged to have been committed within the town, but outside of the village.

Traffic citations are written and issued by the New York State Police or Lewis County Sheriffs. The most common charge in Leyden is speeding. The town’s speed limit fluctuates between 55 and 35 miles per hour, with the latter occurring in the more developed areas, such as Port Layden.

Most traffic stops take place on New York State Route 12 (NYS-12) and New York State Route 120 (NYS-120). Both roads run diagonally and parallel to each other. They head northwest and southeast. NYS-12 is a four lane highway that skirts along the town’s east boundary. NYS-120 is found more towards the middle of town. NYS-12 runs through the village and acts as its arterial road. NYS-120 passes through Locust Grove and Talcotville. Both roads leave town through the south-eastern boundary and head towards the neighboring village of Boonville. Leaving through the northwest town line brings motorists to Lyons Falls. The southwestern town area is very rural and consists of smaller local roads.

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Information on the Leyden Justice Court

Physical Address: 3514 Mechanic Street, Port Leyden, New York 13433
Mailing Address: PO Box 116, Port Layden, New York 13433
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (315) 348-8181
More Information: Court Website

Town Justice: Hon. Brandy Deveines
Prosecutor: Lewis County District Attorney's Office