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Montague, New York

Montague, New York

Montague is the name of a town in Lewis County, New York. It is one of the least populated towns in New York State. As of July of 2021, the town population was at 81. Montague’s population was at its highest in 1880, with 975 residents. The Town of Montague covers around 65 square miles and is located amidst the western portion of the Adirondack Mountains. It is a rural town with no Google Street View of any town roads. The town is known for its extensive snowmobile trails. Montague is made up of three hamlets: Hooker, Parkers, and Reactor.

Traffic Tickets in Montague, New York

Traffic tickets in Montague are adjudicated in a unique manner. The towns of Montague, Harrisburg, and Pinckney agreed to combine their courts into one court. The new entity is called the Harrisburg / Montague / Pinckney Town Court or HMP Town Court. There is one justice and one court clerk tasked with adjudicating all cases from the three towns. The court is located in the Harrisburg Town Hall.

The HMP Town Court handles all the citatiotions for traffic citations in Montague. There are no major roads that enter Montague. Main access to the town is provided by small local roads extending from the neighboring town’s arterial road, New York State Route 177, to the north.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a traffic ticket, one question you should ask yourself is "should I fight it"? In most cases, it is recommended, however, every situation is different. Regardless, if you would like to discuss your ticket in greater detail, you should consider reaching out to the Benjamin Goldman Law Office. We offer complimentary consultations to any motorist cited in Montague.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York State law firm that defends traffic tickets. We opened our doors in 2011, and since then our lawyers have been helping motorists with traffic related charges. Our firm has obtained substantial reductions and dismissals on behalf of clients in Lewis County. We have been doing this for a while, so we are familiar with the intricacies of traffic law and the relevant justice courts.

You can contact us to discuss your case in Montague.

Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee*

Our firm offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee*. This means we will issue a full refund of your legal fee if we are unable to reduce the points added to your license as a result of the ticket.

*Traffic tickets only. Does not apply to misdemeanors and felonies.

Information on the Montague Justice Court

Physical Address: 7886 Cobb Road, Harrisburg, New York 13367
Mailing Address: PO Box 208, Harrisburg, New York 13367
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (315) 688-4303 or 315-741-1334
E-mail: jmoser@nycourts.gov
Town Justice: Hon. Candace Randall
Court Clerk: Jamilyn S. Moser
Prosecutor: Lewis County District Attorney’s Office