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Palmyra, New York

Palmyra is the name of a town and village in Wayne County, New York. The village is inside the town. It is named after the ancient Syrian city. Palmyra is around fifteen miles south of the Lake Ontario shore and around twenty-five miles east of downtown Rochester. As of June of 2022, the town’s population was 7,780. Palmyra is the birthplace of Mormonism. Its founder Joseph Smith lived in Palmyra in his early life, where he proclaimed to have seen several visions. The Palmyra New York Temple was built in the town and is over ten thousand square feet.

Traffic Tickets in Palmyra, New York

Palmyra has two courts, one for the town and one for the village. They have jurisdiction over their respective areas. The town court handles legal matters occurring inside the town but not the village. The village court does the opposite, only dealing with legal matters that occur inside the village. The courts share the same physical location on East Main Street. The village employs a small police force that shares the building as well. Officers of the Palmyra Police Department conduct traffic patrols regularly on village roads. The outside town area is mainly served by the New York State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.Law enforcement in Palmyra tends to cite motorists with a variety of traffic violations. Speeding is the most issued. Inside the village the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. Outside the village the speed limit fluctuates between 55 and 45 miles per hour.

Most of the tickets in Palmyra originate from New York State Route 21, New York State Route 31, and County Route 223. NYS-21 (Canandaigua Road / Palmyra-Marion Road) runs north-south through town and is one of the village’s arterial roads. The other would be NYS-31 (Main Street), which runs east and west along the Erie Canal. CR-223 runs east and west on the north side of the Canal, terminating as it meets NYS-21.

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Information on the Palmyra Justice Court

Address: 144 East Main Street, Palmyra, New York 14522
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (315) 597-6757
Fax: (315) 597-0108
E-mail: Court@PalmyraVillageNY.org
More Information: Court Website

Town Justices:
Hon. Terry C. Rodman
Hon. Sherman A. Yates

Court Clerk: Patricia O. Peterson
Prosecutor: ADA Jeannie Michalski