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Putnam County, New York

Putnam County, New York

Putnam County is a county in upstate New York State. It is part of the Hudson Valley region and is located on the eastern side of the Hudson River. The river forms the county’s western border. The State of Connecticut forms the eastern county line. Dutchess County is to the north and Westchester County is to the south. Most of Putnam County is within 90 minutes from Midtown Manhattan and the county is considered an "exurb” of New York City. Putnam County is the 8th smallest county of New York’s 62 counties. It is also one of the wealthiest in the state. The county was formed in 1812 and named after Israel Putnam, a General in the American Revolutionary War., Putnam County’s population was approximately 98,000.

Traffic Tickets in Putnam County

Three major highways pass through Putnam. They each head north and south. US Route 9 (US-9) serves the western portion of Putnam. The Taconic State Parkway serves the middle and the I-84 serves the east. I-84 is the largest of the three. In the southern portion of the county, the I-84 splits. It continues south via the I-684 and continues east into Connecticut via the I-84. The I-84 is exclusively patrolled by the New York State Police. A large portion of their stops are of cars with Connecticut plates. The Putnam County Sheriff's Department tends to focus their efforts on the town roads, and occasionally provide backup to local police departments.

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