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West Union, New York

West Union, New York

West Union is one of the most rural towns in New York State. It is located in New York’s Southern Tier region on the Pennsylvania border. As of July of 2022, it was home to just 343 residents. The closest metropolitan area is the small city of Hornell, around twenty five miles north. The town was formed in 1845. It initially tried naming itself Union, but there was already a town with that name in Broome County. They then settled on West Union. The town encompassed the hamlets of Barney Mills, McGraws, Rexville, West Union, and Wileyville.

Traffic Tickets in West Union, New York

The town’s main roadway is New York State Route 248 (NYS-248). It runs through the northwest corner of town and passes through the hamlets of McGraws, Barney Mills and Rexville. In Rexville, NYS-248 meets County Route 117 (Rexville-Troupsburg Road). CR-117 runs east-west. The middle and south portion of West Union is very rural, only consisting of small local roads. Regardless, traffic patrol is conducted throughout the entire town. The New York State Police and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department are authorized to conduct traffic stops upon probable cause of a traffic law violation. All traffic related charges in West Union are adjudicated by the West Union Town Court (West Union Justice Court). The court is located within the West Union Town Hall on New York State Route 248 in Rexville.

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Information on the West Union Justice Court

Address: 1328 State Route 248, Rexville, New York 14877
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (607) 225-4321
Town Justice: Hon. Marsha Mullen
Prosecutor: ADA Joan Merry