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Hannibal, New York

Hannibal is the name of a town in Oswego County, New York. It is located approximately thirty-five miles northwest of the City of Syracuse and around five miles south of the Lake Ontario shore. Within the town is the Village of Hannibal. The hamlets in the town are Bethel (not to be confused with Bethel in Sullivan County), Cains Corners, Hannibal Center, North Hannibal, and South Hannibal., the town population was estimated at 4,600.

The area’s initial settlement took place around 1802. The first residents were surviving soldiers of the War of Independence, who were given land in a military tract. In 1806, the town was established. The town was named after Hannibal, the ancient general, considered to be one of the greatest commanders in military history.

Traffic Tickets in Hannibal

The two main roads that run through Hannibal are New York State Route 104 (NYS-104) and New York State Route 3 (NYS-3). The NYS-104 enters from the west and heads northeast towards the middle of town. It curves around the southeast corner of Hannibal Village and continues north until it leaves town. Intersecting with this road is NYS-3, which runs east and west. They intersect each other in the north-east part of the village. Heading east on NYS-3 brings you to the neighboring town of Granby and eventually the City of Fulton.

Most of the area surrounding the village is rural and it consists of small, local roads that lead back to NYS-3/NYS-104. One road is an exception to this, that being New York State Route 34, which runs north-south in the southwest corner of town. NYS-34 heads northbound towards the village. As it crosses paths with NYS-104, it terminates and becomes County Route 34 (Cayuga Street).

The Hannibal Town Court (also known as the Hannibal Justice Court) adjudicates all of the town’s traffic tickets. The tickets are issued by either the New York State Police or the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office. Violations cited in Hannibal include driving with a suspended license and speeding. If you were cited with any traffic related charges in Hannibal, you can reach out to the Benjamin Goldman Law Office.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York State traffic ticket defense firm. We help many motorists in Oswego County and can take on your case in Hannibal. Our goal is to get your ticket dismissed. If that is not possible, we will aim to get your violation reduced in a meaningful way, which would result in lower fines, fees, and insurance rates.

Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee*

Our firm offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee*. This means we will issue a full refund of your legal fee if we are unable to reduce the points added to your license as a result of the ticket.

*Traffic tickets only. Does not apply to misdemeanors and felonies.

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Information on the Hannibal Justice Court

Address: 824 County Route 34, Hannibal, New York 13074
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (315) 564-6698
Fax: (315) 564-6698
More Information: Court Website

Town Justices:
Hon. Eugene Hafner
Hon. Jack S. Beckwith

Court Clerk:
Denise Hafner

Assistant District Attorney Lauren J. LaPaglia, Esq.