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Dutchess County, New York

Dutchess County, New York

Dutchess County is a county in upstate New York State. The central part of the county is around ninety miles north of Midtown Manhattan. The county is bordered on the west by the Hudson River and on the east by the State of Connecticut. Columbia County is to the north and Putnam County is to the south. Dutchess County is considered part of the Hudson Valley region. The county spans eight hundred and twenty-five square miles. It contains two cities, twenty towns and eight villages. The combined population of Dutchess County was approximately 293,108 ().

Traffic Tickets in Dutchess County

Most of the violations issued in Dutchess County originate on Interstate 84 (I-84) or the Taconic State Parkway. The I-84 runs east-west across the southern part of the county. The most common charge on I-84 is speeding. Speeding tickets are given to those clocked going higher than 65 miles per hour. At some points it goes down to 55 mph and these areas turn into major speed traps. The New York State Police patrol the interstate exclusively.

The Taconic State Parkway is another large highway that serves Dutchess County. It runs north and south through the county’s middle section. The Taconic meets the I-84 in the southern part of Dutchess County. As it is a “parkway”, the speed limit on the Taconic never exceeds 55 miles per hour. The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services to much of the county. Occasionally they will provide backup for local village and city police departments. Like the New York State Police, they can conduct a traffic stop if necessary. The tickets they issue are made answerable to whichever court holds jurisdiction over the section of the road of the alleged violation.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

If you were issued a ticket anywhere in Dutchess County, you can contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office. We are a traffic ticket defense firm and are highly familiar with most of the courts in Dutchess County. Our attorneys know how the traffic court system operates and they use this knowledge to their advantage when litigating on behalf of clients. Our firm is typically retained to fight speeding violations however we can handle so much more. If you were issued a ticket for any reason, feel free to get in touch with us. We can look over the charge(s) and let you know if they are worth fighting. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office provides a complimentary consultation to anyone ticketed in Dutchess County. We encourage you to reach out to us at your soonest convenience with any questions.

List of Justice Courts in Dutchess County, New York

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